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Coach Lain Camps & Clinics are custom-crafted experiences to focus on exactly what your team needs to work on. Our camps are designed around your team’s needs. We can design a camp or clinic to work on stunts, tumbling, cheer technique, or help motivate your team.

Camps & Clinics are available in 1-2 Day Clinic options, or 3-5 Day Camp options for school, all-star & youth teams.

B.H.S. Cheer thoroughly enjoys their training sessions with Coach Lain! His genuine and caring demeanor shines when he is teaching and working with a team. His infectious enthusiasm for getting everyone excited and motivated to do his or her best is endless! Coach Lain is a terrific collaborator who always strives to help
a team reach their highest goals.

Lynn C., Burlingame High School


Though time and space are limited, Coach Lain offers weekly classes to middle school, high school, and youth teams in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. Weekly Classes are a great way to regularly work on developing flexibility, strength, and technical skill. Space is limited, so click below to check my availability.



Coach Lain offers private group camps, clinics and lessons for small groups of up to 6 athletes. Small Group Training is basically a group “private lesson”, allowing for more attention and interaction between the Coach and individual athletes.

Small Group Training sessions are a great way to enhance the skillset of a focused group, especially for comp!


Private lessons are great for identifying the athlete’s trouble areas and correcting poor habits. It’s a great time to get positive, constructive feedback and praise with pin-point accuracy, helping an athlete to really hone her skills.

Private lessons are especially great for those athletes crippled by fear or “mental blocks”. Coach Lain specializes in the psychological side of tumbling, helping the athlete crippled by fear and mental blocks to identify and understand what ails them, teaching them to learn to be comfortable with their discomfort, and approach their skill

in a different way. The goal is not to become “fearless”, but instead to “fear less”. This basic understanding and approach has helped countless clients of mine, helping to relieve them of their mental anguish and get them confident in performing their skills again.

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One of the reoccurring issues I’m faced with is an athlete who’s dealing with some form of a mental block. A mental block, in essence, is nothing more than the brain’s resistance to growth or challenge. With each athlete I helped counsel through her block, I became more and more intrigued with the concept of fear and how it contributes to, causes and strengthens mental blocks. It’s my mission to educate athletes about fear.



In this talk, I focus on helping athletes to understand what fear is, where it comes from, and how confronting it can help overcome blocks. Learn the steps you need to take to stop focusing on how fear holds you back and how you can use it as a catalyst for change in your life, both on and off the cheer floor or field!


In this talk, I go over the various ways in which athletes are expected to perform and how parents, coaches & teammates are all ultimately responsible for both the athlete’s success and failure. Learn how to be a more supportive influence in the lives or your athletes and the difference between good and bad pressure!


In need of a private lesson but live too far away? No worries! Coach Lain offers Remote Coaching via Smartphone. Video conferencing for 1-on-1 coaching is available in 30-min blocks, or simply send me a video of you performing your skill and I’ll review it! 


Coach Lain has over 12 years experience as a professional designer. Having created works for globally recognized brands such as Hasbro, Microsoft, Nature Valley, and Target, Coach Lain now uses his love of design to create custom apparel for your team’s next event! From nationals t-shirts and hoodies to camp apparel & uniform design, Coach Lain’s got you covered!

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