Introducing The Back Handspring Repair Kit™

by Nov 5, 2020Performance Psychology, Technique

I am incredibly proud to present my second book, The Back Handspring Repair Kit™. While this may have been a lockdown project, it was, in a much greater sense, a passion project that I hope will help athletes, coaches, and parents for years to come. With every product I produce for Coach Lain LLC, I seek to add the greatest value. And so far, I have had nothing but tremendous feedback for this book, which is being called “the coach’s back pocket tool book!”


The Back Handspring Repair Kit™ is designed to be your go-to resource as an athlete, coach, or parent, helping you to more accurately diagnose exactly what is going on with your skill, giving you direct solutions for how to go about correcting it!

Utilizing first-hand, empirical studies of the most common issues with athletes’ skills, I apply my best methodologies and techniques to help you correct even the worst of habits. Gain strength, understanding, and confidence to outperform your greatest fears and not only GET you the skills you’ve always wanted to learn, but help you learn how to KEEP them!      

Current version includes softcover and PDF versions!  

Coach Lain is a mental performance and tumbling technique coach from Northern California. Specializing in fear management & psychology, as well as deconstructed movement, he helps student-athletes and coaches better understand their fears in an effort to outperform them confidently and consistently. His podcast, The Fear Less University™, features special guests each episode who lend their wisdom and expertise to help discuss, dissect, and examine some of life’s greatest fears. His second and newest podcast, the Coach Lain Inspires™ Inspirecast, seeks to provide listeners with a daily dose of inspiration.

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