Introducing The Back Handspring Repair Kit™

I am incredibly proud to present my second book, The Back Handspring Repair Kit™. While this may have been a lockdown project, it was, in a much greater sense, a passion project that I hope will help athletes, coaches, and parents for years to come. With every product...

Bend v. Sit

Over the years, I have learned that there are many ways in which basic back handspring technique is taught.  There are 5 essential steps to the back handspring approach: bend & swing, fall, jump (also known as "standing fast"), and the snap (or more accurately,...

How to Outperform the Fear of Doing a Back Handspring: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction I get it. It's 2019 and statistics say that I only have about :59 seconds to capture your attention. That means I only have roughly 53.14 seconds left to make you understand that this is going to be the MOST DEFINITIVE, MOST ENLIGHTENING, MOST REVELATORY...
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