Happy 10th Anniversary Coach Lain!

That’s it. Just like that! I happened… They say you blink and your whole life has passed you by. For me, entering into my 40th year on this beautiful planet, supported by my gorgeous wife and daughter, I blinked and a decade is gone! Just like that, my company is 10...

3 Things I Stopped Saying As a Performance Coach to Encourage Growth

Have you said or heard specific phrases that set your evolution back? Here are 3 things I stopped saying as a performance coach to boost progress, confidence, and growth within my athletes.

Introducing The Back Handspring Repair Kit™

I am incredibly proud to present my second book, The Back Handspring Repair Kit™. While this may have been a lockdown project, it was, in a much greater sense, a passion project that I hope will help athletes, coaches, and parents for years to come. With every product...
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