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The Coach Lain Method™ Online Community is here to deliver a high-quality, value-based experience designed to connect, educate, & edify!

The truest challenge of building a brand online is creating a space for all of your followers and subscribers to feel like they’re truly heard. It’s one thing to build a following, but to build a COMMUNITY, is the ultimate goal!

The Coach Lain Method™ Online Community is a gateway where athletes, coaches, and parents can directly connect with me. I’ve created this community as both a support group and resource center for those athletes who feel hopeless & alone in their tumling journey, parents who feel lost, and coaches searching for a solution to help their forlorn athletes. As my presence continues to grow worldwide, connecting with my fans, followers, and supporters has become increasingly difficult due to algorithms and other general noise that comes along with social media platforms.

In the Coach Lain Method™ Online Community, members not only have a direct connection to me, my content and all my materials, but also get FIRST PRIORITY with their correspondence! If you’ve been looking for tips, advice, skill reviews, or simply a different perspective from someone understanding, I am here for you! 

But this community is also for you to grow as a tumbling athlete, coach, or parent in your understanding! Communicate with each other, comment on others’ posts, make friends, post pictures & videos, and build your own community within the Community. And as a premium Community member, you’ll gain access to exclusive content not available ANYWHERE else!

The Coach Lain Method™ Community is here to be the premier resource for all of your tumbling and mental performance needs!


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