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My passion has always been people! When I started Coach Lain™ back in 2013, the intention was to always impact as many people as possible, and add value to the culture of the world. I’ve sometimes called myself “The People’s Coach”, offering help to anyone and everyone, regardless of team affiliations, district lines, or cultural boundaries!

Applying this same philosophy toward creating value-based content, CLTV (Coach Lain TV) was born! Having a background in film and entertainment, I’ve created a YouTube Channel where I will feature ALL ORIGINAL creative content! From my vlog to other original shows, to my weekly podcast Fear Less U, here you can enjoy HOURS of entertainment, education and other creative content from your favorite performance coach slash neuroscience enthusiast…slash aspiring TV host!

If you would like to become a sponsor of the channel, visit my Patreon Page for more info! You could even become a producer (gasp)!

Coach Lain Says: Understanding Your Fears + Growing Pains

What do you do when you have some downtime between classes? I know what I do, haha! I philosophize about fear, understanding and what it means to grow!


Coach Lain Says: You're Not Double Jointed!

In this video, I go over an all-too-common misconception about Hyperextended Elbows.

Obsession On Three Motivational Video

Success, IN ANYTHING, takes Obsession! My first season with the Amador Valley Comp Team.

Coach Lain™ Tumble & Technique 2016 Promo

Work hard, play hard.
This was my first promo video featuring athletes from our first 2 years.


When you grind every day, sometimes it’s hard to keep track of everything. Even yourself.
Ride along with me as I travel around the world following my passion, exploring an American sport in different cultures, and helping athletes from all over out-perform their greatest fears!


We ALL, in some form or another, experience fear! And despite what the latest memes or motivational millionaire posts on Instagram will try to convince you of, fear cannot be “killed, defeated, overcome, overpowered, or gotten rid of”. Fear is biological, it’s apart of who we are, and the more you try to kill or defeat it, the stronger it affects you upon its return! Instead, we must seek to understand our fears, in order to be better as athletes and individuals!

No hacks. No tricks.
Just the keys to unlocking your greatest potential.


Being a child of the 80s, I remember “cheat codes” being apart of the video game industry since the days of original Nintendo. Back then, cheat codes were always this really cool thing about enhancing a gamer’s gaming experience, not cheating to make the game easier to beat, as the name would imply. In fact, when cheat codes are enabled, other features of the game are disabled, keeping a player from being able to use them to actually “cheat” and beat the game. For developers, Cheat Codes were actually created to allow them to skip ahead in levels and check their work. But for users (gamers), Cheat Codes allow us to unlock a characters true potential! The term can also be used to denote anything a person does other than the traditional way of doing something, for the purpose of rising above their best efforts!

This is what Coach Lain’s Cheat Codes are all about:
No hacks. No tricks. Just the keys to unlocking your greatest potential.

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