What types of payments do you accept?

Coach Lain LLC accepts cash, credit and check.

Mobile and electronic payments are accepted via PayPalVenmo or Cash App. Please account for any processing fees when submitting your payment (ex. PayPal is 3%).

Please make all checks payable to “Lain Lee” and not Coach Lain. Please be sure to fill out the check completely, filling out the “Pay to the Order of”, the numerical and printed monetary value, memo and signature. If you give a blank check to your child to fill out at practice, please make sure they’re aware of how to fill out the check completely. 

My child/athlete has a mental block...can you help?!?

YES, OF COURSE! Well, I sure can try. With over 15 years of coaching experience, and specializing in the psychology of performance-based power tumbling, I have encountered almost every conceiveable iteration of fear in the cheer athlete. Over time, in teaching the same concepts to hundreds of athletes over and over again, I’ve learned to recognize the patterns of human behavior and understanding. I’ve studied these patterns and behaviors, and am passionate about helping you and your athlete understand their fears, to help reinstill their confidence and get them back on the road to steady progress!

Coach Lain, LLC. prides itself on helping to instill confidence in the cheer athlete. In an industry with high expectations, a fast rate of turnover for skills, and a rarity of quality instruction, there is a lot of negative pressure facing your young athlete. I believe that, “Technique bridges the gap between CONFIDENCE and SKILL,” and strive every day to communicate that to each and every single athlete I work with. No matter the level of skill, each athlete receives the same amount of care, confidence training, and quality instruction.

If you have an athlete who suffers from a debilitating mental block, contact us today!

Do you do private lessons? If so, how much do they cost?

YES, I most definitely do. At the moment, private lessons are a bit challenging if you don’t already have a dedicated space where we can do them. I don’t have a home gym at the moment, but I do have several gyms that allow me to rent space in their facilities.

Email me today for pricing and more info.

Do you travel?
Indeed I do. Whether it’s a camp, clinic, class, coaches training session, private lesson or speaking engagement, I’ll travel to where you are (US Domestic or International). Email me today for more info.
Do you have your own gym or facility?
At the moment, no. I don’t currently have a “home gym” or location where I teach out of regularly. As a traveling coach, I’m contracted by different schools, programs, gyms and organizations to travel to their locations and render my services there.

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