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We all experience fear. Rational or irrational, fear is very real to the person experiencing it. But fear is like a wild beast, and when you fight against a wild beast, backing it into a corner, it doesn’t submit or relent. Instead, it fights against you harder, because it’s just trying to survive! So instead of “conquering” our fears, what would it look like if we instead sought to understand them. Because if you can understand your fears more, you can learn to fear “fear itself” less.

Welcome to the Fear Less U.

Fear Less U

The Fear Less University is my podcast in which we discuss, dissect, and examine the intricacies of fear and how we as humans allow it to hold us back from achieving our greatness. What we discuss is not an exact science, but in all things we seek understanding! Because if we can seek to understand more, we can learn to fear less!


EP.021 – Fear and Fame ft. Kiara Nowlin

In this episode, I talk with world-class athlete Kiara Nowlin about the pressures of being a “cheerlebrity”, the misconceptions among people about naturally gifted athletes, and the role that fear has played in her development as a world-class athlete. With all of this, and so much more, you guys DO NOT want to miss this episode!!!

EP. 020 – Tumbling Misnomers – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain

In this Fear Less 5, Coach Lain walks us through 3 misnomers that are frequently used in coaching cheer and tumbling vernacular that need to be addressed and should be changed immediately! Grab a seat and get comfy, this one is a little longer than five minutes, haha!

EP. 019 – 3 Questions to Ask Yourself – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain

In this Fear Less 5, Coach Lain walks us through 3 questions you can ask yourself to help you get as specific as possible with your fear, in an effort to better outperform that fear! Grab a pen and pencil, and let’s get specific!

EP.018 – Dear Judges – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain

“Dear Judges” is an open letter from the athlete, for the athlete. Seeing you for the athlete you are is not the job of the judges, it’s your job as the athlete. You owe it to yourself to show and prove, and perform to your fullest potential. You work too hard not to! So get after it!!!

EP. 017 – Change Takes Time – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain

Change takes time, but a breakthrough happens in an instant. When I heard these words uttered by the great Tony Robbins, I immediately knew they would dramatically change the lives of the athletes around the world. This is my tribute to his amazing message.

EP. 016 – Fall Seven, Rise Again – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain

Failure is a necessary part of every success story. More specifically, REPEAT failure!

This Fear Less 5 is a tribute to those relentless in their journey and quest to succeed, to persevere through each failure, learning from each and every shortcoming.

EP.015 – Using Fear to Domin8 Your Day

In this episode, I sit down with Dwight Taylor Sr., aka The Great Communicator, who is well on his way to becoming the next great motivational speaker of our generation! We discuss his new book, Domin8 Your Day (Student Edition) and how you can USE fear to dominate YOUR day, EVERYDAY!

EP. 014 – Fear of the Friend Zone ft. Steph Ganowski

Back to help me in this exploration is my friend Steph G, creator and host of the What I Love About Men Podcast, and Men’s Relationship Expert. We don’t get to answer ALL of these questions, but we do explore MANY of the complex aspects of this very male-centric phenomenon!

EP. 013 – Fear, Fitness and Food – A Fear Less 5 with Coach Lain ft. Igor Litvak

This Fear Less 5 features a segment of a previous episode that was edited out, not solely for contextual reasons, but more so for the purpose of having the very valuable information presented be able to stand on its own as a solo round.

EP.012 – After Thoughts, Vol. I

You know the interviews don’t actually end with my guests and I saying goodbye! Oftentimes, I’m on the phone with them for another 10-15 minutes after the actual interview has ended, with us talking and reflecting on the things we just finished talking and reflecting on! Haha! But it’s a great time to finish up our time together.

EP. 011 – Fear and Love ft. Steph Ganowski

Mens Relationship Expert Steph Ganowski and I talk about 4 dating fears that are specific to men. Steph outlines 3 actionable bits of advice, we discuss common dating “myths”, one of my favorite things to discuss! Finally, we discuss “emotional blocks” from the standpoint of unresolved and irrational fear.

EP. 010 – The Fear of Money ft. Igor Litvak

My good friend and financial expert Igor Litvak joins us on this episode of The Fear Less U to discuss money. Why is it that money is so emotional? Why is it that we have such a hard time talking about it with our spouses, families, and ourselves? Why are we so afraid of this artificial, man-made construct that we allow it to ruin our day, our mood, our marriages, and our lives? Why do we fear money? 

EP.009 – Facing My Fear ft. Aida

 If I had to give Aida a title as an expert in some field, it would be observation, introspection, and forgiveness. She is a testament to what the power of forgiveness can do to your life, and how learning what truly matters in your world helps you focus your love and your efforts.

EP. 008 – Fear of Failure ft. Ozay Moore

In this episode of the Fear Less U, I had the good fortune and honor to interview one of my oldest friends, someone who I’ve always held in high esteem because of his gift of eloquence, his heart for service, and his humility.

EP. 007 – Choose This Day (Fear Less 5)

This week, Coach Lain gets a little passionate, as he shares his call to action with all who are allowing fear to dictate their lives, fill their hearts with doubt and curse their minds. There is no such thing as a perfect time, so the best chance you’ll ever have to step into your destiny is RIGHT NOW!

EP. 006 – Fear Myths (Fear Less 5)

On this episode of the Fear Less U, Coach Lain explores 3 common myths about fear and puts them to the test! I’ve hand-selected 3 of the most common and most damaging myths that I commonly come across about fear that need to be immediately busted!

EP. 005 – Fear of Failure (Fear Less 5)

In this week’s Fear Less 5 solo round, Coach Lain touches on the concept of “atychiphobia”, or “the fear of failure”, and how the lack of being able to remain consistent can contribute to what keeps you from starting in the first place.

EP. 004 – Faith and Fear ft. Blaze Davis

On this episode of Fear Less U, I talk with my friend Blaze Davis: father, husband, creative, and Live Stream specialist at YouTube (as well as coffee & pizza connoissuer) about the relationship between faith and fear, as well as that fateful day at YouTube headquarters.

EP. 003 – 3 Ways to Overcome a Mental Block (Fear Less 5)

This episode is dedicated to every tumbler dealing with a mental block! Coach Lain gives you 3 proven methods he’s used to help his athletes work through their blocks and gain a better understanding of their fear.

EP. 002 – Fear of Hearing No (Fear Less 5)

Too often, the thought of rejection keeps us from taking a leap of faith and venturing into the unknown. This can keep us from taking chances that might lead to us fulfilling our dreams.

EP. 001 – Fear Stronger ft. Eric Thompson

In this inaugural episode of Fear Less U, I talk with Eric Thompson, aka “The Tumble Chef” about what it means to “Fear Stronger”. Get ready, take shelter, because the knowledge bombs are dropping this entire episode!

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