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We all experience fear. Rational or irrational, fear is very real to the person experiencing it. But fear is like a wild beast, and when you fight against a wild beast, backing it into a corner, it doesn’t submit or relent. Instead, it fights against you harder, because it’s just trying to survive! So instead of “conquering” our fears, what would it look like if we instead sought to understand them. Because if you can understand your fears more, you can learn to fear “fear itself” less.

Welcome to the Fear Less U.

Episode 29:
The Fear of Yesterday ft. Stevie Wright

In this episode, we discuss the fear in the context of our pasts, and how the fear of yesterday can hold us back from appreciating and marveling in the joy and gratitude of TODAY. We talk about the relevance of pain and irrationality of struggle, and how pain, like fear, can be used to propel you forward into greatness as the “portal to our power”...

Ep. 28: Fear of Friday the 13th - A Fear Less 5


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The Fear Less University is my podcast in which we discuss, dissect, and examine the intricacies of fear and how we as humans allow it to hold us back from achieving our greatness. What we discuss is not an exact science, but in all things we seek understanding! Because if we can seek to understand more, we can learn to fear less!


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My intent with this podcast is to reach all peoples from all walks of life. From the high-performing athlete to the high-performing CEO, to the single parent with three kids and two jobs struggling with a debilitating fear of failure, we’re looking for guests who are just like our listeners – normal people seeking to accomplish extraordinary things by outperforming and UTILIZING their fears!

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