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Fear Less U

The Fear Less University is my podcast in which we discuss, dissect, and examine the intricacies of fear and how we as humans allow it to hold us back from achieving our greatness. What we discuss is not an exact science, but in all things we seek understanding! Because if we can seek to understand more, we can learn to fear less!


The FITLDR™ 5-Day Conditioning Program is a resource for athletes, coaches and parents alike. It’s totally FREE, but you can also “Pay What You Want” if you feel it’s worth more than a free download!

Outperforming Fear

Outperforming Fear is an exploration of what it means to understand your fear in an effort to successfully outperform it. Fear is like a wild beast. The more you fight to tame the beast, the harder it fights back against you for its freedom. But when we seek to understand the beast, the more we understand how to approach it, and the less it fights back against us.


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