Whether it’s a quote for a podcast, tv show, news segment, or blog, magazine, or news article, or even acting as a consultant to provide insight on mental performance, performance psychology, or many other topics, Coach Lain is available to act as a source for your upcoming media content.

With an extensive history of empirical research into the hearts, minds, and psyches of high-performing athletes, Coach Lain is the industry’s leading expert on mental performance, fear management, and fear & performance psychology.


The good folks at Public Storage were kind enough to feature me on their blog! It’s always so nice when brand sponsors go the extra mile to make you feel like your efforts in promoting their brand or service is greatly appreciated!

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PDF copies of my books Outperforming Fear and The Back Handspring Repair Kit™ are both available for verified media outlet use upon request.

Even if you’re industry, audience, or content is not directly related to the sport of cheerleading or power tumbling, the principles, philosophies, and methodologies contained within the pages of these books can be applied to a plethora of different situations in a myriad of different disciplines, fields, and industries. 

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