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Welcome Parents to your Resource Center. Here, you’ll find all of the information and material dedicated to helping you better connect with your young athlete. Below, I’ve posted articles highlighting some of my most innovative coaching techniques and philosophies, links to where you can engage with me socially on & offline, listed some of my most frequently asked questions by parents, and even listed the resources I use to run my business online. 

I seek to engage with you, the parent, as much as I do your young athlete. Because training your athlete is not a job I seek to do alone. Instead, I strive to build a support system around them that involves the most important people in their lives, aiming to not just forge strong athletes, but confident, morally upstanding individuals. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s anything I can do for you!




EP. 008 “Fear of Failure” ft. Ozay Moore

Each week, I feature a special guest who contributes their own special brand of expertise and wisdom, to help me unlock the mysteries of life’s greatest fears.

On this episode, Ozay and I talk about being willing to learn in order to overcome, finding balance in every area of our lives and how everything is a matter of perspective, and how you do more extraordinary things when the stakes are high and what you’re doing is done for others.

Since I still can’t clone myself to be everywhere at once (darn science), I’ve decided to offer my wisdom in the form of convenient, easy-to-follow, self-paced courses. Through these courses, you’ll be able to virtually shadow me and learn my best practices, techniques, and coaching ideologies! Elevate your game as a parent, coach, or athlete! Become a student of Coach Lain™ Courses today!


By far, the number one question I receive from athletes is, “How do I get over the fear of doing my back handspring on my own.” As a performance coach, this is a question that I’m more than equipped to answer. But for a parent watching their child struggle through a mental block, it can be one of the hardest questions to answer.


We all struggle with stress, and Lord knows there are more than enough distractions in our lives, all fighting for our undivided attention. The pressure to perform isn’t unique just to athletes, it’s something coaches and parents experience as well. It’s something we all share and all feed off of each other. But how do we best manage it? By understanding it.


An Inside Look at the Tools I Use to Build My Brand

Whenever I tell people I work for myself, they all look at me with that same longing in their eyes, almost as if to say, “Gee, I wish I could work for myself.” Most of them follow up with, “Wow, that must be nice!” And it is! Trust me! But it takes A LOT of work! Building a cohesive brand on top of that takes even more work! That’s why I thought I’d share some of my favorite tools and resources for building my brand and running my business!


How Much Do You Charge for Your Services?

To receive more information for our camps, clinics and weekly classes, for both scholastic & all-star programs, please email me at [email protected].

Do You Do Private Lessons?

Yes I do. I travel in and out of state for private lessons, as well as small group private lessons (up to 4 athletes). For more information, email me at [email protected].

Do You Travel for Your Instruction?

Yes of course. Coach Lain is a mobile instruction company. We travel all over for camps, clinics, classes and private lessons. For more information, email me at [email protected].

Do You Offer Training for Coaches?

Yes, this is one of my most common questions. Coach Lain offers training for coaches and staff to help you set your athletes up for success, and instill within them a confidence they’ve never known. We specialize in advanced spotting technqiues, overcoming mental blocks and helping athletes to understand and out-perform their fears. For more information, email me at [email protected].


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