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The All-In-One Solution for Scheduling & Recording Interviews

When it comes to recording interviews for my podcasts, Zencastr is my go-to app for recording studio-quality audio. Zencastr records a lossless 16-bit 48k WAV audio track per guest, regardless of internet connection (local recording), with no time limits. Simply send a link and receive a separate track per guest.

In their new Open Video Beta, record up to 1080p HD Video with up to 4 guests. Mix your videos with synchronized audio and automatic postproduction.

Gear I Recommend & Use


The Tools I Use to Record, Edit, & Publish My Podcasts

If you’ve never heard of or used Kit to curate your loadouts for all things creative, you’re missing out! Kit is great because it not only allows you to organize all of the gear you’d recommend in one place, but it also let’s you post links to the items to eliminate the steps between discovery and purchase!

This is the Kit that I’ve put together containing all of the equipment I use currently for recording, editing, and publishing my podcasts. If you’ve ever considered starting your own podcast, it couldn’t be easier than ever before to do so, and now you literally have ZERO excuses! You’re welcome!

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