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Over the years, I’ve been extremely fortunate to work with some amazing people! Below you’ll find feedback left by some grateful parents, coaches and athletes! If you’d like to leave your feedback, click here or comment below.

Thank you so so so much. Bella felt more connected to you than any coach ever and felt like she is on the verge of a breakthrough with you. Thank you for giving her a listening and inspiring her. Your my new hero for treating my girl with such empathy and compassion. She has never left a private lesson with a smile like the one she sported after your [time with her] today. Bless you!!! 🙏🙂

Ginger C., Grateful Parent

I got it back coach! Thank you for everything and thank you so much for providing me with the confidence and technique I needed to get this skill [back handspring]. Even though this was on a spring floor they look good on dead mat too! I couldn’t have done it without you! 🎉😁

Sammi M., Henley High School Cheerleader

Coach Lain hosted a staff training at my gym. He taught my staff various tumbling techniques but he also taught them how to focus on the mind of the athlete as well. During and after the training, my staff was excited to implement all of the new knowledge and ideas Coach Lain taught them. He was always on time and very professional. If you are a gym owner, I would highly recommend you to bring Coach Lain into your gym!

Hailee E., Owner, Adrenaline Athletics

Such an amazing private lesson with an AMAZING coach! Thank you so much Coach Lain for helping me build up so much confidence and teaching me my standing tuck! If you ever get a chance to work with Coach Lain I recommend it!

Lauren, Cheer Force Fresno Cheerleader

Coach Lain is truly a positive coach. He keeps the workouts fun and focused. Lain knows how to break down a skill so that it can be refined and sharpened; he has the strength to support and properly spot the movements. My daughter came away feeling strong and confident in her skills. We are so happy to be working with him!

Lynn P., Grateful Parent

Coach Lain ran a number of sessions for a corporate client of ours in Half Moon Bay. The sessions ran to a tight schedule and were for people that had no experience of cheerleading at all – Coach Lain provided great motivation and guidance. Everyone that took part not only learnt a new skill but had great fun doing so. Lain was professional, upbeat and in control of the room the whole time, I would not hesitate to book him again for similar events!
Huge thanks!

Emily C., Corporate Client

Coach Lain has helped my daughter tremendously. She has grown and gained skills, faster than I ever expected! You have taken her to the next level and we so appreciate your coaching.

Pam Z., Grateful Parent

My daughter has had an excellent experience working with Coach Lain. Not only does he teach her the fundamentals of tumbling but also he teaches her strength training to help her accomplish her goals and become a stronger athlete in general. He is extremely positive, patient and fun. My daughter always looks forward to her private lessons with him. I would highly recommend Coach Lain to others.

Lara K., Grateful Parent

Lain is AWESOME! I’m a 27 y/o male who was interested in learning how to [do a] backflip. Lain is extremely professional and knows exactly what he is doing. He clearly explained all mechanics, muscle groups, and correct body movements to help me achieve my goal. I felt prepared and very safe during every exercise. Did I also mention he’s a really cool guy?

Scott L., Client

I’m the father of one of the girls in Lady Jags that you and your team coached tonight. I just want to tell you how grateful I am for the magic you did to my daughter! She has ADHD and is on the Autism spectrum, and gets all kind of “mental blocks”. That she gets them when tumbling may not be so odd or unusual, but she also has a block [speaking] English. She knows English very well, but hasn’t really ever spoken it. This has been a huge concern of ours…but to you she was able to speak! According to her it has a lot to do with your approach and the way you talk to the girls. This gives both her and us some hope for the future. (And of course, she also did great progress in her tumbling as well! 😁)

Thank you ever so much and we can’t wait to have you back next year!

Anders W., Grateful Parent (Sweden)

You listened, you observed, you analyzed and you provided constructive direction. Morgan did not become an instant tumbler but what you gave her was so much more valuable. You gave her back her confidence and self-esteem. You are very good at what you do, but even more important is that you genuinely care. I personally cannot thank you enough.

Shiela S., Grateful Parent

Watching my athletes work with Coach Lain and improve tremendously over the course of a day was priceless. He has a communication style like no other and took the time to break down the basics/body mechanics. Coach Lain is extremely supportive, positive, and motivating. He truly cares about each athlete and is a GREAT mentor. We can’t wait to work with him again!

Coach Jena, Marian University Cheer

I can’t say enough about Coach Lain! He works with athletes on a personal level to understand them and knows that no two athletes are the same. They all come with their own fears, abilities and “mental blocks”. At the end of the day Coach Lain is the only tumble instructor my children feel safe, comfortable and inspired by. We love Coach Lain! So blessed to have him in our lives! He is HIGHLY recommended! ❤️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Christina C., Windsor High School Cheer Coach

Coach Lain has been the best coach ever for Zoe!. She has gained such confidence in her skills through working with him. She likes to tell me she is a strong tumbler, and I know this is due to his positive approach and encouragement. Zoe can get easily distracted and likes to clown around. Coach Lain helps her focus on a task while also engaging with humor and supporting her having fun. Thanks to Coach Lain, Zoe has secured her back handspring, is refining it, and looking forward to combining it with other skills. Thanks so much!!!

Amy F., Grateful Parent

I can’t tell you how well Coach Pumped the girls up & motivated them to not be ashamed of what they couldn’t do.. But showed them how improve what was lacking.. So can not wait the next class… Thank you Coach Lain!!!

Michelle M., Grateful Parent

Coach Lain has helped me grow not only as a tumbler, but as a person as well. He’s been there for me through the fun times, the happy times, and the hard times. He’s taught me to step out of my comfort zone and try new things and to, for a few seconds, lose the fear I have because that’s what holds me back more than anything. He’s not only been a mentor, but a friend at the times I’ve needed him. He’s truly an amazing coach and person altogether, and someone I can talk to about anything, knowing that he truly cares. I’m honored with the opportunity to get to know him and get coached by him, and am truly blessed he’s such a big part of my life.

Savannah W., University of Alabama

I just wanted to tell you that I tried your handspring drills on my high school team [that] I coach and it did wonders! Not only did it help two athletes understand how the handspring is supposed to feel, but it helped another athlete connect here standing two to tuck! You are an amazing coach, and I want to thank you for indirectly helping me with my endeavors to be the best coach I can be!

Jaz Isom, Coach

First, we are so glad that you chose to come and help us! You really lived up to the expectations that we had, and the girls really enjoyed it too, 100%.
They learned so much for just two sessions, and it was so fun to see! We coaches also learned a lot [and] got a lot of tips on how we can work on specific skills and great drills for that. Also we also got to see HOW you taught the girls, and how you talked to them. When it came to the experience of flying you out and in it was very smooth. It was really helpful that it was so easy to have contact with you, and you were very fast on answering my questions and helping me! Everything was definitely worth it, and we are looking forward to bringing you back! 
We will recommend you to other international teams! No doubt about that!

Cia S., Coach, Power Cheer Lady Jags (Sweden)

Our training with Coach Lain was well-rounded, COMPLETELY customized, and efficient. He accommodated the specific needs of each athlete on my team. He has a way of creating this trust that is effortless. I look forward to working with him in the future!!

Coach Jay, Denison University Cheer Coach

Coach Lain works with my high school cheer program, and my team LOVES him! He is super motivating, and takes the time to really break down body mechanics to help make it make sense. He often kills them with drills and conditioning and yet they don’t complain and come back week after week to spend more time with him. This is a true testament of a great coach who is motivating!

Lisa S., Head Coach, American High School

My daughter has taken Coach Lain’s class twice now. She loves him!! Had a great time! Also did a private lesson! Look forward to the next time he is back in our area!

Michelle M., Grateful Parent

Coach Lain helped my daughter Ally prepare for her high school Cheer tryouts. He identified quickly what skills she needed to improve and helped her immensely in a short period of time. Most importantly, Coach Lain’s positive and supportive approach gave Ally the confidence to perform at her best during tryouts. Thanks so much for helping Ally make her team!!

I found Coach Lain easy to work with, flexible on scheduling and a great communicator.
A+ in this department!

Trent E., Grateful Parent

My daughter has the privilege of working with Coach Lain through her cheer gym. She loves when she gets to do her private lessons with him. She tells me he’s fun and she learns a lot. I highly recommend Coach Lain. I am confident [my daughter] will get to the next level with his coaching skills.

Lora L., Grateful Parent

Coach Lain knows how to communicate in a way that makes the athlete understand how to move her body to get the right result. He is fun and encouraging yet always professional. In the first class there was significant progress the brought my girl to the next level!!! Love Coach Lain!!

Susie A., Grateful Parent

I have had the pleasure of meeting Coach Lain through my daughters cheer gym. Lain has been working with my 13 year old daughter in strengthening her level 3 tumbling skills and working towards level 4 skills. I find his coaching style to be extremely supportive, nurturing, positive and motivating. His advise is based on his experience and the overall safety of the cheer athlete. It is obvious that he wants my child to not only succeed but to develop strong confidence in herself and her skills. I highly recommend Coach Lain. My daughter and her cheer gym are extremely lucky to be able to work with him.

Rosalie M., Grateful Parent

Coach Lain is a terrific collaborator who always strives to help a team reach their highest goals. B.H.S. Cheer thoroughly enjoys their training sessions with him! His genuine and caring demeanor shines when he is teaching and working with a team. His infectious enthusiasm for getting everyone excited and motivated to do his or her best is endless!

Lynn C., Former Burlingame HS Coach

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