Over the years, I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some truly exceptional instructors, healthcare professionals, and phenomenal trainers. For those whose value truly stands above the rest in my mind, I’ve often partnered with them to provide my audience with advice, care, and instruction beyond my own capabilities.

Below you will find a list of such professional providers, handpicked and curated by me personally. I trust these professionals to provide you with information that compliments the instruction & education I’ve provided, to give you and your athlete more of a holisitic solution to their individual issues. 


Kelvin Lam

When it comes to deconstructing stunt technique in an impactful, memorable, contrarian way, Kelvin Lam is my go-to guy! The value he adds as a technician and strategist is unmatched in the cheer industry, and consulting his expertise will be a truly singular experience for you and your athlete.

To work with Kelvin, reach out to him via his app!

Dr. Courtney Johnson | Online Pelvic Health Coach | PT & DPT

I was introduced to Dr. Courtney’s content and work through another provider in my network, Dr. Taylor. She specializes in helping female athletes maximize their performance in the gym through nutrition and exercise, and provides a level of unparalleled expertise in an area of women’s health that only stands to benefit female athletes of all ages and body types. My goal with having her in the network is to provide the ladies I work with a specialist who can speak to their specific health concerns and needs in the area of athletics.

Download some of her amazing FREE resources below, and contact her directly for more help!

RED-S Infographic    |    Nutrition and the Female Athlete 

Dr. Taylor Goldberg, the Hypermobility Specialist

Dr. Tyalor is an extremely invaluable resource in the area of debunking the myths and educating the masses on the prevalence & common misunderstandings around hypermobility disorder, or HEDs. As a licensed chiropractor, hypermobility specialist, former level 6 cheerleading Worlds athlete, tumbling athlete, fitness enthusiast, AND someone who suffers from HEDs herself, there is literally no greater resource to have in my corner than Dr. Taylor!

If your cheer or tumbling athlete suffers from hypermobility and is experiencing pain or discomfort in her elbows or back while tumbling, contact Dr. Taylor TODAY!

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