Coach Lain Brand offers various partnership opportunities for like-minded, mental & physical health-focused brands through sponsored content on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. With a combined social media reach of over 100k and hundreds of thousands of monthly impressions, our following consists of a highly curated, niche audience of consumers who are very likely to invest financially in the products and services we promote.

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Cheerleading is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry! With over 3.8 million cheerleaders in the US alone, it is one of the most popular sports among girls between the ages of 6-12, and is growing at an exponential rate internationally! Disney’s Wide World of Sports built a brand new facility in 2019 specifically to accommodate these staggering numbers every January. I’ve personally attended cheerleading events with over 20,000 athletes and coaches, swarms of spectators toppling the 50-60K mark, and major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Anaheim, and Orlando overrun by cheerleaders from around the world. And events like this happen ANNUALLY! And yet, very few major brands target this titanic industry where the average American household spends between four and five figures on instruction, uniforms & apparel, travel, competition fees, and food & merch. 


We write, shoot, edit, and produce all of our ads for each sponsored post we do. Nothing is ever reused or reproduced from template, that’s not how we operate. We want every ad to capture a vibe, encapsulate a mood, and embrace a moment. If there are specific things you’d like to be communicated in your ad, just let us know!

The Coach Lain mission is to help athletes and entrepreneurs outperform their fears by strengthening their confidence and mindset. My brand is one that breaks the traditional mold of coaching, and utilizes various techniques to instill our athletes with confidence, self-awareness, and a dynamic mindset. I am looking to form strategic partnerships with athletic apparel, travel, mental health & wellness, and nutrition brands with like-minded goals.

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